A dumb reason to start blogging:

You’ll make a lot of money.

You won’t

You probably won’t even make a dime. I’ve been blogging for 345 days straight, and I see no dimes in my wallet.

What gives? What am I doing wrong?

Wait, who says I’m doing anything wrong?

To write a blog you need to write. “Blogging” is just the word we use for people who write stuff on the Internet on their own website.

The key word here is write. No writing, no blog.

(Podcasting is the same way. No one “podcasts”; you speak into a mic and hopefully people listen.)

Since blogging can’t live without writing, blogging gives you the tremendously positive benefits of writing, and writing often.

Writing often organizes and clarifies your thoughts. And if you publish those organized and clarified thoughts, you’ll meet organized and clarified people.

Blogging won’t make you a billionaire.

But it will change your life.

It’s changed mine.


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