I’m stupid. That’s why I read.

In school they’ll tell you that reading makes you smarter. I’m sure no one ever told you that reading makes you realize just how stupid you are.

What do you get when you read?

The finest, most delicate slices of the history and consequences of human nature, carved out by the sharpest minds in human history. That’s what you get when you read.

What else?

The painful realization that you’ll never make such slices yourself, being the dullard you are.

Unless of course you think that reading Smart People books makes you a Smart People too. It doesn’t. If you’re so smart, where’s your Beyond Good and Evil? How often are your ideas misunderstood, misapplied, debated? Who’s talking about your ideas in the lecture hall? In what textbooks can I find your name?

I read books not because I’m smart, but because I’m stupid. I read books not to look down on people who don’t, but to look up and ask those who exist on a higher plane what life is really like, what’s worth living for, and how to avoid living without having lived at all.

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