Habits will imprison you, or liberate you.

If on Wednesday, June 16 2021, you crack open a cold one, another cold one, ok just one more, 3 cold ones on Thursday, 3 more on Friday…you should expect to see a 6-pack of cold ones in your fridge on Wednesday, February 16 2022. And you definitely shouldn’t expect your needle having moved an inch toward any worthwhile goal you might have set for yourself a year ago.

You can take your habits as for granted as you take for granted your worldly comforts. Hot water comes out of your faucet so often that you expect it as you expect your next breath of air. Hot water yesterday, hot water today, hot water tomorrow. If you did something today that you did yesterday and the day before, I’ll bet you’ll do it again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day…

Habits are a neutral thing. Drinking is not a bad habit. Colored by repetition, though, drinking becomes excessive drinking – and that’s a bad habit. You can’t say you have a habit of reading if all you ever read is SkyMall. Repetition, an increase in frequency, that’s the secret ingredient that makes your habits either good or bad.

Good habits have the power to liberate you from yourself. Good habits can free you from a life of self-pity, self-hatred, resentment, frequent masturbation, drinking, debauchery, general degeneracy.

Bad habits have the power to imprison you within yourself, within those iron bars of self-hatred, and pity and resentment so characteristic of those who failed to consider that life itself can be a prison.

Here’s a question that will shape the course of your life: who picks my habits?

Whoever picks your habits holds the keys to your life.

The answer will either ruin you or invigorate you, depending on how far down the spiral you’ve fallen.


You. You pick your habits. You hold the keys to your life.

Or maybe you don’t. Maybe you’ve given the keys to someone else. Maybe that someone else is a lowlier version of you. Maybe you’ve become that lowlier version of you. Maybe you’re waking up as that lowlier version of you and the sight of yourself in the mirror horrifies you. Maybe you hide yourself from others so as to spare them from being horrified at the sight of you. Maybe on the outside you seem alright, nice even, but on the inside you know that you’re already dead. Maybe you’ve fallen so far down the spiral that redemption is virtually impossible.

I don’t recommend letting that happen.

Pick your habits wisely.

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