I have a new video on Jordan Peterson and how his lectures changed my life.

Here’s the talking points that I tried not to look at while recording.

Jordan Peterson not my introduction to self-improvement

The only path to self-improvement that I could jibe with.

He approaches self improvement with hard work not woo woo nonsense


  • Masturbating every morning
  • Bouts of depression and anger
  • Drinking a fair bit , worked hungover twice, friends who drank
  • Didn’t really have friends who were at least attempting to improve themselves
  • I was with this friend group for a long time / lonely period


  • I don’t masturbate everyday
  • Better friends, friends who read books and work out and just dont indulge in constant debauchery
  • In the last 2 years I’ve read more books than I ever have in my entire 26 years of being alive.
  • I just have more time. I have more time to do things that enrich my life, like make this video and do my podcast
  • time to read and write and workout
  • More clarity less mental fog less bouts of depression and anger
  • No saint

Now, why JBP?

  • Hard work
  • Hard books
  • Discipline

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