Hey friends, I’ve got an exciting announcement for tomorrow! (5,000 likes)

Today I’m launching a thing and it’s NEW! (1 million likes)

Introducing, my podcast! (1 million likes)

Introducing, my blog! (1 million likes)

Introducing, Me! (5 billion likes)

But then…

Episode 57 of my podcast is up with CEO of Big Company (14 likes)

My 18th blog post is here and it’s about my dead cat (7 likes)

Hey it’s Me and I’m still here! (4 likes, 1 was an accident)

Everyone loves a good launch. It’s exciting and fun and it’s your chance to make a big ruckus. Friends love supporting your projects, you love supporting theirs.

Be warned: all parties must come to an end.

But the show must go on.

So, when you’re recording episode 44, and no one’s listening

you’re writing your 73rd blog post, and no one’s reading

you’re working weekends reiterating your code, and no one’s patting you on the back

what spark will keep your creative flame from extinction?

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