Ungrowing Pains

You will feel more pain if you choose to

not make decisions for yourself

not assert yourself when appropriate (and it’s usually more appropriate than you think)

not lean into your strengths

not take control of how you spend your time

not take control of with whom you spend your time

not ignore people who claim to have your best interest at heart

not live intentionally

not curb your worst habits

not make any progress toward that goal you keep talking about

not grow out of your past self.

Of course you can choose to patch up your ungrowing pains. You can always tend to your spiritual wounds with alcohol and entertainment and a speedy lifestyle. But your pain will still be there. And at night, when you’re drifting off to sleep, your conscience will only scream louder and louder, “I wish I had…!”

When your conscience speaks exclusively in the past tense, you know you’re in trouble.


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