Racial injustice, hatred, exclusion, white supremacy, bigotry, privilege and institutional power. Cutesy Instagram Infographics, Twitter threads, anything to bring more awareness to these problems ends none of the problems of which we need to be more aware.

So, what does? I wish I was smart enough to tell you.

Maybe it’s something to do with the root cause. Corruption of the soul, corruption of the individual. People who, deep down, hate, hate, hate. But you take these hateful people and you show them your cutesy Instagram Infographic. And it does nothing. And you take your cutesy Instagram Infographic and you show it to thousands of common people and it does nothing because “I’m a common person and this is common sense let’s get back to something more productive.”

Cutesy Instagram Infographics sorta have an old revolutionary propaganda vibe, you know? Like if Stalin and his cronies had a photoshop license this is what they’d make. “More flowers next to the hammer and sickles, comrades!” Digital propaganda posters look and feel like tools of a revolution. A communist revolution? Not exactly. But a revolution nonetheless. Infographics and Birthing People and Not-Racist-Math, tools of a revolution. A wave crashing over civilization all at once? No, not all at once (though it feels that way), but drip by drip.

The point of infographics is to raise awareness about urgent social problems. At their best, infographics define problems using statistics pulled from…someplace. Probably PolitiFact or something. Ok. Problem defined: racial injustice. I’ve seen your infographics and I’m now aware of racial injustice. Thanks for making this, now we can attack the problem, right? What’s next? How do we attack the problem?

Share this with more people. Raise more awareness. Like and follow. Share this with more people. Raise more awareness. Like and follow. Raise more awareness. More awareness. Awareness. Awareness. Awareness.

Awareness. The foundation of the woke movement. Reminds me of the word “awake.” Sight. See. Eyes. Look. It’s all about seeing, looking, visibility. See these problems. Look at these problems. Be aware of these problems. It’s never about hands. It’s never about hands getting dirty and solving dirty problems.

What good is problem solving if it’s done at a distance?

What good is problem solving without getting your hands dirty?

What good is awareness without action?

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