Marketing happens whenever you talk about yourself and your ideas in public.

If you’re like most people living in 2021, you’re always marketing. You’re not doing marketing that major companies seek. You’re doing personal marketing. Examples include…

Tweeting. Instagramming. TikTok Twerking. Publishing that lo-fi bedroom pop recording on Spotify. That’s all marketing. Anytime you post, you want people to see you. Even if you’re posting about someone else. (It’s your post, anyways.)

Me. Me. Me. It’s all we’re thinking about. And look, I don’t mean to berate you. I’m like most people, too. I Google my name way too often and spend way too long tweaking my Twitter bio.

Since marketing is something you always do, it matters to do it right.

Most of us do it wrong.

Most of us stink at talking about ourselves and our ideas in public.

The moment you make a social media account is the moment you become an amateur personal* marketer.

(*I say personal to be fair. Professional marketing for major companies takes a lot more than what I’m about to tell you.)

Posting a cappuccino on Instagram is marketing, but all that tells us is that cappuccinos take priority over your greeting card company designed to spread happiness.

I have some good news. To become a professional personal marketer, all you need to do is stop making these mistakes:

  • Stop posting pictures of cappuccinos
  • Stop rating yourself 1 out of 5 stars
  • Stop treating yourself like shit
  • Stop unsubscribing from your most precious goals


  • Leverage the power of social media to promote your creative projects
  • Be honest about how good you are at what you do and what you’re building
  • Treat yourself properly
  • Like and subscribe to your most precious goals

How can you achieve greatness without first recognizing the potential for greatness within yourself? Even the most self-deprecating comedian believes in herself enough to get on stage and risk public humiliation. Writers with the most cynical self-critic still carry a modicum of confidence, just enough to publish a book or 2. Anyone performing anything or building anything believes that even if they fail, it was worth the $20.

The opposite of bad marketing isn’t narcissism.

The opposite of bad marketing is honesty.

“Well, honestly I suck at this lol”

Sure, but that’s only half the story. You’re forgetting and.

And I will get better.”

That’s better.

“This is the greatest product in the world please give me money.”

No, it’s not the greatest product in the world. No one’s giving you a dime.

“I tried my best to make this product the best it could be. It might not be the best thing since sliced bread, but it’ll at least solve X Y Z problems…”

That’s better.


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