Not only are you a creator, you’re a gift giver and a problem solver.

Writing. Podcasting. Painting. Building a business. Designing an online course. Suggesting we get in touch with so-and-so. Connecting the dots. Showing our work. Building in public. Just a few ways in which creators leverage the internet to share their gifts and solve interesting problems.

The more we improve at our craft, the more they improve at theirs. Creators can teach by example by creating and publishing their work everyday. Or they can teach by instruction, designing courses and showing us how it’s done.

Thanks to the internet, it’s never been easier and cheaper to share our generosity and expertise to people who need it. It’s never been easier to teach by example and teach by instruction.

Everyone benefits from cheap distribution of insight and expertise. A little generosity doesn’t hurt, either.

Improve your craft. Share your gifts. Create. Create generously!

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