Experienced creators tell me to pick a niche. I break this rule constantly.

The advice goes: stick to one topic so that your audience knows what to expect from you. Golf on Thursday, meditation routine on Friday, and a Notion tutorial on Saturday is nothing but a recipe for confusion. I came for golf, what’s this notion doohickey you’re talking about now? Golf? I thought this was a channel about mindfulness. Unsubbed…

When I’m not designing my video editing course, I’m finding guests for my political commentary podcast. I have conversations on critical race theory and cancel culture in a podcast just down the hall from my podcast on creativity and entrepreneurship. Following me has got to be a pain in the neck.

It’s not like I take pride in my inability to stick to one topic. I can’t stick to one topic. I really wish I could. My life as a creator would be a hell of a lot easier. If I were to rationalize my sporadic behavior, I’d say that I’m following another piece of advice: lean into your strengths. People say I’m a good interviewer. Ok, I’ll keep podcasting. My mom says I’m a good writer. Thanks, I’ll keep writing everyday. I love making video trailers. Cool, I’ll make videos for your brand. Here’s hoping I’m not turning my strengths into weaknesses. It sometimes feels that way.

When experienced creators tell you to find your niche, I suggest you listen closely. It’s good advice. As for me, I’m sorry, I can’t. I’ve tried. I really have. I have no niche and I must scream.

And scream I do.

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