If you know it, teach it.

If you know how to do something useful, you should be teaching it to thousands of people. If you know how to draw, you should be teaching hundreds, maybe thousands of people how to do what you do.

In the 21st century, the starving artist is the selfish artist, the artist who refuses to teach. “Teach what I know? But my art is too sacred, too precious to be dropped in the hands of the common people…” This mindset is holding humanity back. We’re missing years of progress by keeping our expertise locked inside ourselves.

Web design. Coding. Marketing. Writing. Finance. Math. Poetry. Cooking. Painting. How to do a handstand. Whatever. If it’s useful, if it’s cool, if it’s worth showing off at a party, if it’s worth bragging about on a first date, it’s worth teaching, it’s worth learning.

If you know something on a deep level, go online and teach it. Don’t know how to teach online? Figure it out. Start by making free YouTube videos. Make podcasts. Blog. Tweet. Tell us why this skill matters. Why it’s worth learning. Then show how it’s done.

If you know it, teach it.

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