Nobody can start a podcast for you. Nobody can write your blog but you. Nobody but you can turn on your mic, plug in your laptop, and start sharing your perspective with the world. After all, the hardware’s yours. But the software is everyone’s. Sites like Twitter and WordPress are there for anybody who understands just how easy it is to launch a personal publishing house.

It’s never been easier, cheaper, and more rewarding to be a self-starter.

If you’ve got something to share, something to teach, a unique perspective, what’s stopping you?

2 thoughts on “ It’s never been easier to self-start. ”

    1. I usually have a vision for exactly how good, polished, or perfect I can make my projects while considering my current skills and tech stack. Once I reach that point, any additional work I lump into “perfectionistic” category. And any perfectionistic category is unproductive, and I should just ship the thing out. I think you need to be clear about your current abilities. The sooner you accept that, the quicker you can work to pushing your limits further and further out. Thanks for the comment!

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