I saw those words on a TV screen at a bar last night. I didn’t catch the whole thing, but it looked like an ad for a major news network.

Considering YouTube’s demonetization of Bret Weinstein, I think we should take this message seriously. Yes, it’s true. We should listen to experts, not influencers. Experts that appear on our networks. Experts that don’t go on Joe Rogan. Experts that agree to our community guidelines. These experts, not those experts.

Bret Weinstein? He was an expert. An evolutionary biologist. Not a reactionary. Spoke carefully, slowly. And — poof. Gone. Adios. Take your science and objectivity and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. These experts, not those experts.

Are we supposed to believe talking heads on MSNBC aren’t influencers? You don’t have to sell Magic Spoon cereal to be an influencer. All you need to do is go LIVE in front of millions, look confident, and follow the script. If you’re appearing on a TV network being broadcast to hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, guess what? You’re an influencer. People are eating out of the palm of your hand. Make sure to keep your audience away from any competing narrative. Never let them know know what they’re missing. And anytime the dreaded competing narrative creeps in, spoon feed them what they want to hear: disinformation! Anti-science! There is no evidence! Anything to keep your followers loyal.

Why can’t two truths coexist?

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