The internet is powerful. With speed I can’t comprehend, I can upload something I created, sharing it with people with scale I can’t comprehend, either. I can’t comprehend the internet. The internet is too powerful.

The sheer speed, scale, and accessibility of the internet is mind-boggling. Even with the cheapest software, anyone can create content. Anyone can start a podcast or write an e-book or start a business on the internet.

And more power to those using cheap software! The user-friendliness of even the most entry level software is getting friendlier and friendlier. I think even my grandma could start a podcast at this point, it’s that simple. It’s so easy to begin an internet-based enterprise that I think it’s becoming cliché.

With all this speed, scale, and accessibility, what are we going to do?

Create content for the hell of it?

I think we should do something more. Something meaningful.

We should create content as a point of contact. A point of connection. At least, this is what I’m attempting to do. I create something, you consume what I created, you feel a little more connected to yourself and the world around you. That’s my hope, at least.

Everything we create online is like a message in a bottle. Even though you have no clue who your message will reach, assume your message will reach. Thanks to the internet’s speed, scale, and accessibility, it’s not a far reaching assumption that your message will reach somebody. Make it count!

P.S This blog post marks my 365th consecutive day of writing here. That’s 365 days of showing up and sharing my unsolicited thoughts with the world. Thanks for reading.

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