Independence is never merely handed to you. Financial independence, relying on your skills to earn money for you; creative independence, making whatever the hell you want; intellectual independence, never letting a 3rd party make decisions on your behalf — these are earned.

If you seek independence in your life, you must wage a war against your worst habits of mind, body, and spirit. You must understand the currency your lower self hoards like a dragon sleeping on a pile of gold. Comfort, safety, pleasure, arrogance, greed, selfishness, your lower self cherishes these treasures! They won’t be given up easily. If you seek independence in your life, impose tariffs on your lower self, drain his hedonistic economy.

There is a bridge connecting mediocrity to greatness. At the tool both, one must cough up the necessary tax before crossing. One must pry out of the hands of their lower selves the treasures gripped tight: take out your wallet and hand over your comfort, safety, pleasure, arrogance, selfishness…come on now, hurry! You’re holding up the line.

Independence is a costly battle.

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