For the last two weeks, I’ve been designing Video Storytelling Class. It’s a self-paced course that teaches you everything I know* about telling stories with the magic of video. It’s one of the hardest projects I’ve created so far. Know this: there is zero correlation between time spent creating a product and the amount of money people give you. Just because you’ve worked hard on this thing doesn’t mean that people should give you money. We don’t owe you anything merely because you worked hard. Nonetheless, there’s immense value in working long hours making something as good as you can.

*Asterisk here because we often don’t know exactly what we know. Designing this course has taught me that there’s a lot I didn’t know I knew about making videos. When people like my videos, I can’t say I understand exactly why. Maybe they’re just flattering me, being nice. Or maybe they clicked the wrong button. Likes and retweets are nice, but they’re poor substitutes for critical feedback. I can’t know what resonates and what doesn’t unless people tell me.

Crafting a great course experience is about empathy: designing your course with the beginner in mind. I neglected this axiom completely when I launched Trailer Wizardry 101. I won’t make the same mistake twice. I’m confident that students will be able to create their own awesome videos without even needing to finish the entire course. How do I know this? Social proof! My friend Paul Millerd previewed the course. The next day, he uploaded this.

And Paul didn’t even watch the entire course!

Watch this space for updates on the course. I’ll launch when it’s ready. It might be this weekend. We’ll see.

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