Experimentation is glorious. Without it, you wouldn’t be reading this post. The technology you’re using to read these words contains a historical element. It took developers, oh, I don’t know, 60 years to refine the protocols necessary to deliver you these words from my brain to your screen. And it took evolution, oh, I don’t know, millions of years to produce a brain containing a specific mixture of personality and genes to produce the thoughts articulated in these words you’re reading.

Experimentation is impossible without reiterations. The 60+ years it took for the internet to be what it is today contains many reiterations. HTML5 is a reiteration of what came before: embedded videos, Flash animations, Word Art…The same is true of biological evolution. I’m a reiteration of a Neanderthal. (And probably a penguin.) This also applies to skills. You can’t be good at something without knowing what it’s like to be bad at something.

Iterations are what we call our past performance. Reiterations are what you do after you examine your past performance. If you’re not happy with your performance, go back and figure out what you did wrong. Anytime you produce something and it doesn’t sell, anytime you play a game and you lose, that’s valuable information. On the path to improvement, the only mistake you could make is to underappreciate the value of your past, to neglect the last iteration of your skills.

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