Talented is not good enough. You might have talents, but that doesn’t mean you’re exempt from criticism. Never, ever think that you’re above criticism. You’re not. If somebody in the industry says something harsh (but true!) about your work, listen closely. It’ll hurt, but consider: boxing isn’t just about throwing punches. Boxing is about how hard you can take a punch.

You might be talented at writing, painting, acting, speaking. But are you talented at hearing someone say to you, “your work is good, but it lakes maturity. Your work is good, but it lacks direction. It lacks…it lacks…it lacks…”?

Learn to take a punch. Don’t flinch. Seek out criticism. If you can’t get criticism directly, publish more work. Expose your work to criticism by publishing your work online, everyday. The alternative is to stay talented. Like I said before, talented is not good enough.

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