“And he was liked, universally, by all.”


There are people who don’t like what you say, do, and think.

There are people who don’t like you.

The sooner you swallow these pills, the better. Follow the prescription as advised: once a day, daily, forever.

You, reader, a million thoughts fly through your head everyday. I’m sure I disagree with many of them. And so what? You don’t need my validation, do you? I hope not. I hope you don’t need anybody’s validation, except your own. The holy grail of external validation is forged in the kiln of unhappiness.

When we constantly seek validation, to be liked by everyone, we lose ourselves and our ability to be assertive about who we are. Never conform to some stranger’s expectations of what a grown adult should concern themselves with. When your desire to be liked is too strong, that is exactly what happens. You censor not only your thoughts, you censor your personality. Not good.

Don’t merely “do you.” Do you, warts and all.

And to hell with anybody who says you should do otherwise.

Be disliked.

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