Friendship is Priceless

You’re an adult. You need to make friends. Life is going to throw shit at you. Do you really think you can handle it all by yourself? No. You can’t. You can’t handle it all by yourself. As Stoic and Stalwart and Successful as you may think you are, grabbing life by the balls and handling it all by yourself is like juggling 32 bowling pins with 1 hand. Good luck.

Don’t make friends who just want to drink and smoke and fuck with you. Make friends with people you can call when shit gets real. Because, let’s face it. Shit will get real. And if you’re not aware of that reality, you can’t call yourself an adult.

Make friends you can call up at 1 in the morning after grandma dies.

Make friends you can call up at 2 in the morning after you realize you forgot to fill your anti depressant medication and you’re about to have a panic attack.

Make friends you can call up at 3 in the morning when you realize just how much you love them.

The value of friendship is too priceless to treat lightly. So don’t treat it lightly. The quest for good friends is one of the most important undertakings of your life.

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