Passion is underrated.

In the world of creative work, passion is a premium. Charge accordingly.

What do I mean by passion? It’s not something romantic, or something like hustle porn. When I say passion, I mean the degree of care you bring to every project you touch.

Passion is not some magical potion that’ll get you everything you want. A low level of skill/experience + high passion does not always mean you’ll get the job. Even the most passionate are not excused from regular practice.

A killer combo: passion + practice

The word ‘passion’ is constantly devalued by those who pretend they’re passionate about their work. Passion isn’t something you slap onto a resume. Passion isn’t what you are after they ask you why you want the job.

The passionate fuss over small details. “Not quite the right font…Not quite the right music…move it over just a few pixels to the right…no, try back to the left…” If thoughts like these run through your head, consider yourself passionate.

And although they’re fussy, passionate creators aren’t snobbish. They wouldn’t worry about small details if they hated getting feedback. Feedback is everything to the passionate creator. The creator who takes her work seriously considers feedback as precious as oxygen.

How creative you are is not dependent on how skillful you are at persuading your clients that you’re passionate. The less you talk about how passionate you are, the more likely they are to believe that you care about this project more than anyone else.

“I’m super passionate about this project…” Oh yeah? Prove it. See Susan over there? Susan came in with sketches and drafts of a mock project. She doesn’t even have the job yet. That’s passion.

Don’t run your mouth about how great you are.

Show us.

Imply your passion.

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