I don’t like to waste time. My conscience won’t allow me to rest easy at night knowing I didn’t do what I said I would do.

This leaves me with a problem:

What if the things I said I would do today are just distractions from more important tasks?

It’s likely. It’s likely my productivity is nothing more than pseudo-productivity. Checking email every 5 minutes…checking Twitter every 5 minutes…checking and tweeting and typing without any consideration of future consequences of these vain, hollow, inconsequential actions.

I distract myself faster and more frequently than I ever ask myself what is essential to my financial and spiritual growth.

I use pseudo-productivity in the same way the alcoholic uses cheap beer: to push away painful emotions. Only I use it to push away the modern man’s most painful emotion: boredom. And if you find it silly that I think boredom is a painful emotion, look up from your phone screen and count how many people are standing in line with their phones in their hands. But are they not being productive?

Do I know what those more important tasks are? What makes certain tasks more important than others? Why do I check my email and Twitter more often than…whatever else I should be doing?

I can’t answer any of those questions unless I stop distracting myself with pseudo-productivity.

So I should ask myself:

Am I doing what I’m about to do because I’m afraid of boredom?

Is what I’m about to do essential?

And just what does essential mean?

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