The day I discovered music was the day I discovered Anthony Fantano.

When I was in high school, The Needle Drop, Anthony’s music YouTube Channel, was my #1 source for all things music. Every week I’d watch his reviews of the newest Death Grips, Grimes, Animal Collective, and every other 2010s Pitchfork-core band I was into which made it impossible to answer the question, “so, what kind of music do you like?”

Anthony Fantano has a very important job: tastemaker. Our culture thrives on tastemakers. Tastemakers put good art on the map. What does the tastemaker do? They help tasteless people develop better taste. Tastemakers do this by pointing. The tastemaker says, “you should check this out. Look at what this group from Baltimore is up to, they’ve got a radical new sound that I think is going to blow people’s minds.” I’d still be listening to bedroom produced trance remixes of popular video game themes on if it weren’t for Anthony Fantano. (Ok, simp).

P.S I’m thinking of sharing with you what music I’m listening to lately. Maybe once a week.

Here’s Portico Quartet

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