Whatever you do, please do it musically.

Every great public speaker always has this to say when asked how to improve:

Take a pause after saying something climactic. Don’t rush. Add space between your words. Add variety to the tone of your voice.

They’re telling you to speak musically.

Music is the ultimate teacher of all good art. Speakers, writers, MMA fighters — no matter what you do, doing it with rhythm and variety is the God Mode cheat code that’ll make you look like a pro.

Musicality is a dying art. I blame our hyper-fast society. Our modern tendency to rush things seeps into and corrupts what we do. So we fill up space with meaningless sounds, purposeless actions. But all the greatest artists understand something that you and I constantly forget: less is more.

I’ll leave you with Miyazaki’s quintessential example of the power of less.

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