Whatever becomes of the temperature of this planet and the social climate of its people, whatever misfortune comes your way, financial or physical, let not a drop of cynicism reach your soul. There is nothing more corrosive to your soul than cynicism. The cynical attitude is a noxious gas that, when inhaled, teaches us why no new babies should be born, human life is cancer, and all ambition is an attack on mother nature, and every other objection to individual and collective progress is permitted. Who knows — if Marxism’s substrata wasn’t so tainted by objections to progress (hence the insistence on equality), it might just work.

Cynicism is persuasive, rational; cynicism makes sense. Cynicism has all the facts. Cynicism has done the research. Cynicism is well versed in statistics. Cynicism is jealousy of success and denial that success was ever the goal to begin with. Cynicism is popular and good looking and smart. And that’s why it’s so dangerous.

Thus it’s easy for almost anybody to become cynical in the face of every injustice happening in the world. Climate change, censorship, capitalism, inequality, racism, the police — cynicism sees these things as tools to construct a staircase leading downwards. The cynic and his friends are powerless, and the only way for them to gain power (although they’d deny this their intent) is to take it away from those who have it.

Let not a drop of cynicism reach your soul, no matter who or what happens.

But how?

With faith. Faith is the antidote to cynicism. Faith cures cynicism, and faith prevents it. But faith, oh, how unpopular it is! Faith is gaiety. Faith is naïve; a guess. Faith is stupid. The faithful fail to do what the cynics are masters of. The faithful haven’t done the research. The faithful don’t have the facts. The faithful work with incomplete information. And so our modern, technologically and statistically sophisticated minds scoff at those whose souls and lungs are filled to the brim with faith and hope and joy and rapture despite the climate and whoever happens to be sitting in the oval office.

I have nothing more to say about faith. Because, unlike cynicism, faith is habit, behavior, an act. Faith gains more power by living it rather than describing it. I can’t describe the faithful life to you because it’s too mysterious and too busy with its only job: to live with respect to human life despite human life’s tendency to set things on fire.

My friends, dare to be faithful, dare to follow the science only when you know for certain that the science isn’t corroded by cynicism — by greed and vanity and a desire to control our lives. And finally, dare to follow your faith only when you know for certain that your faith isn’t spoiled by grandiosity, impulsivity, and a desire to place yourself above the cynics.

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