Respectful disagreements made in public are a rarity these days. They’re so rare that videos like this garner nearly 2 million views. “Look at that, they’re having a disagreement! And they’re not biting each others heads off! and in public!”

Public disagreements are now put on display like an ancient artifact from a lost civilization. Public disagreements are like fresh air in a world in polluted by dunk culture, witty comebacks, and attacks on character rather than attacks on ideas.

One thought on “ PDD: Public Displays of Disagreement ”

  1. As always, very well said, Paul. What is so depressingly sad, is that not only are public displays of disagreement on the near-extinction list, but they have morphed into public displays of violence. We see people over and over and over again, capturing that violence on their cell phones, posting it on social media, while standing around and doing nothing to help those in need. When people cannot voice their opinion about whatever, without being attacked, and even killed, something has gone terribly wrong with a supposedly, civilized people.

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