The Bible is a great example of succinct writing. I’ve been reading from it on nights when I’m too tired to read anything else. So far I haven’t come across any sentences that exceed 10 words.

Most people aren’t aware of what they can learn from the Bible. I don’t mean that in a religious sense. I mean what they can learn about writing. About art and poetry. About precision and clarity. Most consider the Bible a dictionary of superstition, yet they have no problem binge watching Supernatural.

Most people don’t know about the Bible because of all the screaming. We’ve all waited at an intersection while sign-holding fundamentalists scream at us about Satan. But screaming at us about Satan is counterproductive. And a bit ironic. If I were Satan, I’d scream about The Bible so as to annoy people away from it. It’s a smart strategy: coerce people into believing that the Bible is just that book the Crazy Religious People read. And I think that’s why many people don’t read the Bible. They treat it as a cultish handbook, irrelevant stuff that stoned homophobes wrote 2,000 years ago.

Would it bother you if I ended this post by telling you to read the Bible?

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