Video editing, for the most part, is a mechanical process. Trim. Compress. Mask. Render. There’s lots of finetuning involved, it’s often boring, and the process demands a steady hand.

Then there’s the artistic process of video editing. If it’s necessary for you to edit videos because you can’t hire someone, you’ll learn the technical stuff simply because you have to. But the artistic side of editing videos you’ll learn only when necessity blossoms out of a love for the craft.

An Adobe Premiere license doesn’t make you a professional editor. When you edit videos because you need to edit videos because you can’t stop editing videos because you love it too much to stop — only then can you call yourself a professional.

P.S: if you’d like to learn more about the mechanical and artistic process of editing videos, consider taking my Video Storytelling Class. It’s self-paced, and I designed it with the beginner in mind.

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