Compliment somebody today. Generously, truthfully. And if that’s too much for you, just tell them you’re thinking about them.

(Of course, assholes are totally exempt from this. Go ahead and tell that person they’re an asshole. They deserve to know the truth, right?)

You have absolutely no clue how little negativity it takes to ruin somebody. They might think about it constantly, believe it to be true, and thus express less of themselves around other people. Likewise, you have no clue how little positivity it takes to make somebody’s day, or week, or, hell, entire life.

It’s incalculable, the effect a well-intentioned gesture has on our mood. You just don’t know what somebody’s going through. You just don’t know effective a “thinking about you” is against life’s turbulence. For all you know, it could be the difference between one more step towards despair and one more step towards hope.

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