I’ve been shipping a blog post everyday for 400+ days. I’m not sure if this habit is helping me to become a better writer.

When you publish everyday, you don’t get to look over your unpublished ideas with a critical eye 4 days later. This often leaves me thinking that all my ideas are half-baked. And maybe publishing no ideas is better than publishing half-baked ideas, ideas not worth reading. Or, more optimistically, maybe publishing half-baked ideas that might be worth reading is better than publishing no ideas. Virtually all books and essays worth reading and rereading are written over a long timeframe. So what’s the point of writing everyday if 24 hours isn’t enough time to write something worth reading?

Writing something that people want to read and reread? To write something useful, helpful? Writing to develop an idea as far as it could possibly go? Writing to advance one’s understanding of something complex? Those are good reasons to write. And so are these: writing to reveal to yourself what you’re thinking about, writing to clearly articulate your thoughts, writing to bring some semblance of order to your unorganized, vague, unexamined presuppositions about you and the world you inhabit. I’m unsure which reasons trump which. But regardless, I still believe that writing in public everyday is a good idea.

Go write.

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