The death of controversial comedy is the death of culture as we know it. When we can’t laugh at ourselves, when we can’t laugh at each other – we’re done.

The key thing to understand: intent. Great comics intend to make people laugh. It’s their job. They’re professionals. And they can dish out controversial jokes with the grace of a samurai warrior. Bad comics, on the other hand, intend to offend for the sake of being edgy. Frequent any local comedy club enough and you’ll encounter no shortage of comics who make “offensive” a personality trait.

I can hear the objections a mile away.

“You’re saying your culture is misogyny, homophobia and racism? These jokes perpetuate harmful stereotypes about underprivileged minorities who experience daily…”

And what, you’re telling me that a good laugh wouldn’t help alleviate the terrible burden of life? Aka the one of the reasons why comedy is so goddamn important? Life is too serious to take yourself too seriously.

Lighten up.

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