What Nietzsche Would Probably Say About Nuclear Weapons (If He Were Alive Today)


One who worries about state-versus-state nuclear warfare ought to turn their worry inside out. A state which fortifies its defenses with nuclear weapons believes it is defending itself against a foreign enemy. But what this state is doing in actuality is defending itself against itself -. Our nuclear state would rather believe that it is the most well-prepared should it ever need to liquidate a tumor, a cancer, that is, something festering from within. No, it is clear that the most concerning threat comes from within a state’s borders, not from without: for proof of this, one should turn the clock of time back no farther than Russia during the twentieth century….For if any uproar of popular indignation and disgust aimed at the state were to tip over into unbridled disarray, those loyal adherents to the state can rest easy knowing that their grip on power is glued to a nuclear ultimatum. Which peoples today are acidic enough to dissolve such a permanent adhesive?

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