Cullin points out:

By far, the biggest leverage points in my work as a freelancer and creator are my relationships. I say relationships and not connections because it isn’t merely about who you know, about how many people know your name.

Making a connection, well, anyone with an email address or a Twitter account can do that. All you get from having a lot of connections is…a lot of connections. A lot of relationships that never make it beyond the first introduction. Sure, you know a lot of names, and they know yours, but can you say you really know those people, that they really know you?

By doing good work for other people, I’ve experienced positive benefits I never could have forecasted. Previous clients from ages ago still recommend me to people who end up becoming my future clients. That means more work in my portfolio and more money in my pocket, so that I can keep adding projects to my portfolio…and so on. All because I did good work for somebody who wanted good work done for them.

I don’t have the most connections with all the right people, but that doesn’t matter as much as my willingness to do good work for people who want good work.

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