The Science Good

A banner on the side of a bus tells me to, “believe the science, not the fiction.”

Imbedded within this sloganeering is the idea that fiction itself is nonsense. This carefully organized sequence of words, “believe the science, not the fiction” is designed to arouse that part of you which drinks itself silly on the belief that you operate on a completely rational basis. That you’re not as stupid as you think. That, after all is said and done, you’re…smart! You think with your head, not your heart. You know numbers never lie, and that all – absolutely all scientists are as spotless as marble. Fun fact: did you know that never has there been, in the history of mankind, an instance in which science was used for immoral ends?

The engineers of these phrases have crowned upon the head of a selected body of research the title, “The Science.” The Science – there’s your hero! And no hero lives without a villain, without an arch-nemesis. Knowing this, the screenwriters of The Science looked to other science, saw it evil, and deemed all counter-arguments and skepticism the enemy of The Science. That contemptible, vile, nasty villain – other science – lurks underground, in the now culturally irrelevant category of “Fiction.” But never fear, good citizens! The Science will keep you safe from Fiction! The Science will keep you safe from misinformation! The Science will keep you safe from…science.

“Believe the science, not the fiction.” These phrases categorize any evidence or critique that points against The Science as Fiction – as the villain to be defeated. And this is absolutely the most stupid and dangerous idea because it completely disregards that the scientific method requires ruthless self-critique – that The Science is spotless as marble.

Believe The Science, because any science which critiques The Science must be Fiction, must be Not Science, and you’d be wise to consider it…with the highest disregard.

“Fiction? Ha, of course I wouldn’t believe in something make believe!” you tell yourself, while today hundreds of millions wonder what The Avengers are up to.

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