4 Prompts for Blocked Writers

Writer’s block might, after all, be real. But I think it might be real in the sense that feelings are real.

For example, consider jealousy. You become jealous the longer you keep your insecurities unexamined, the longer you deny those insecurities outright. Investigate your insecurities, and the jealousy should disappear.

Maybe writer’s block abides by similar rules. And maybe it’s true that you can’t get even a single word onto the page because unanswered questions lurk beneath the surface. Questions like… 1) you don’t know what to write about, 2) no one ever told you why writing is useful, 3) you think nobody will want to read what you write, and 4) being wrong or looking stupid terrifies you.

Well, if you have writer’s block, there’s 4 prompts for you.

I know you’ve got answers. Making yourself conscious of your answers is the step that most people never take. Because it makes us uncomfortable. Because it makes us feel stupid.


In the lives of writers, discomfort and stupidity both have perfect attendance awards. So if you’re really so allergic to feeling uncomfortable and stupid, maybe writing…you know where I’m going with this.


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