To Niche or Not to Niche?

Just about anything designed for profit should squeeze itself into a category. Starbucks needs a niche so that customers know that they’re buying coffee, not wine. McDonalds sells burgers, not hot dogs. Customers know what to expect, and so they go back.

But for you – you’re not designed for profit. I’m guessing you’re interested in ideas and art and philosophy and literature and anime (or maybe I’m just projecting). In short, you’re curious, creative. Many things are interesting to you. And if you picked only one thing to do or study, you’d be missing out on all the joy you experience while exploring those other topics. Niching down would likely make you bored of the world – bored of yourself.

If you’re an open-minded and curious creator struggling to niche down, well, there’s your niche: open-minded and curious; explores lots of different topics and makes whatever the hell they feel like making.

Niche down. When it’s appropriate. When it makes sense.

My freelance video editing business fits into a niche. Remember: burgers, not hot dogs. But as for everything else I do – blog, podcast, YouTube videos – I go batshit wild.

It’s more fun that way.

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