#80: Jake Orthwein – Fantasy Politics, Film, and Nihilism

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Jake Orthwein (@JakeOrthwein) is the creator of Frame Problems, a YouTube video essay channel covering philosophy, politics, art, science, and culture. Jake is currently working on Part 3 of a series titled How Politics Became Pro Wrestling, which explores Eric Weinstein’s ideas on American political discourse and economic stagnation. I recommend watching at least part 1 of the series before indulging in this 2-hour conversation.

In this episode we discuss Jake’s creative process to video essays, the encroachment of nihilism by proxy of faux-meaning via political activism, how to engage in culture war discourse without grifting, the recent Dave Chappelle protest fiasco, the targeting of innocent people by the corporate press, Adam Curtis, Christopher Lasch, that new Fauci documentary nobody watched, and much, much more.

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