Itadakimas. I Humbly Receive.

いただきます。I-ta-da-ki-mas. A Japanese expression usually spoken at mealtimes, it means both ‘thank you’ and, ‘I humbly receive.’ It’s this second, more literal translation that I love.

To be receptive to this moment. To be open to this moment. To place yourself not over and above this moment, nor below, but at the center. Here and now.

Itadakimas. To humbly receive. To acknowledge generosity. Neither pushing away this moment, as if you don’t deserve it, nor resorting to the cop out, “Aw, you shouldn’t have!”

Well, whether I should or shouldn’t have, here it is. This meal. This moment.

Because the past tortures you with anxiety-in-reverse, and the future burdens you with anxiety-on-autopilot, the present seems to be the only time free of any pain. To be present means not to ignore your anxieties – as anxieties are God’s way of telling you something important. To be present, to be totally submerged in the present means bringing to your awareness anxieties past and anxieties future. Bringing to awareness your anxieties past and anxieties future. Humbly receiving this moment. Humbly receiving. Here and now.

Because ultimately this is what you are: A psychosocialbiochemical patty wedged between the buns of yesterday and tomorrow.

And ultimately this is all you can do: humbly receive.

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