81: Benjamin Boyce – Beyond Woke and Anti-Woke (for lack of better terms)

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Benjamin Boyce (@BenjaminABoyce) is the pleasant and witty host of Calmversations, a podcast featuring lucid and nnnnnnnnnnuanced conversations on all things triggering (read: complicated).

In a Nietzschean attempt to transcend the burdens of terminology, in this episode Benjamin and I reevaluate the woke vs anti-woke debate. We discuss how Benjamin built trust with his YouTube audience of more than 70,000 subscribers, how he handles conversations on race and gender without grifting, Benjamin’s artistic inspirations, the dangers of the Diversity Inclusion Equity ideology, media literacy, literature literacy, coffee literacy, critics, fame, the most productive thing to do when western civilization dismantles itself, and more.


Benjamin on YouTube; Calmversations Podcast on Spotify

Benjamin on Substack

Books and people referenced

Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – Robert M. Pirsig

Beyond Order – Jordan Peterson

Jim Henson

Satoshi Kon

Hayao Miyazaki

Friedrich Nietzsche

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Carl Jung

Ayn Rand

Aldous Huxley

James Lindsay

Jake Orthwein

Eric Weinstein

Slavov Zizek


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