Self-inflicted public embarrassment

Self-inflicted public embarrassment. It’s one of those things where the more you talk about it, the more you suck out what makes it funny. So I’ll keep it short.

Self-inflicted public embarrassment. Making yourself the butt of a joke. Killing your own personal sacred cows. Incredibly useful. And it’s a shame that no self-help book ever points to the Power Within the art of self-mockery.

Vid related:

“But what if my boss sees it? People will take me less seriously. My reputation…”

People who have a deep reservoir of goofiness in them won’t care too much about what their boss thinks. They’re also not the kind of people who become lawyers or politicians – jobs where making a video like the one above is probably a really stupid idea. I mean, it’s a stupid idea regardless, but when you’re a lawyer, dancing to an anime opening is just about the stupidest idea you could have. I mean there’s just no lawyers out there who would even think of doing such a thing, so I don’t think the question of “what if my boss sees it?” really matters much.

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