Professional Me vs Shitposting Me, and The Lex Fridman Podcast Trailer

Hi. New theme. Got sick of the old #F1EEEA off-white background and Noto Serif. I tend to get tired of looking at the same few colors and fonts over and over again. Tastes come, tastes go. Also certain pages of the site are gonna remain fucked until I reformat them under this new theme.

This dark background makes me want to write a certain way. More serious? More artsy? Or maybe more carefree, more personal? It’s strange how color influences, cognition, how color creates new contexts for thoughts one wouldn’t normally have.

Anyways, here’s 2 new videos.

This is a serious one. It’s a trailer I made for the Lex Fridman Podcast. He didn’t hire me to do this, I just made it for fun. I love his show. It’s inspired me to be a better human.

And here’s, uh, this.

I often feel as if goofy/shitposting/ironic Me is constantly trying to sabotage “professional” me. But my ironic “bad on purpose” videos scratch my creative itch just as much as my pro video editing work. Should I pull a Joji and create separate channels (separate “brands”)? One for “professional” Me, one for goofy Me? I’m not trying to act out a character. They’re just different aspects of my personality. On one hand it might be inconvenient for people expecting certain kinds of content from me. On the other hand, I feel like I’m being more honest by keeping “all” of Me under one roof. But I also feel tremendous joy out of confusing people with a Serious Podcast one day and a Pauls Anime Palace Video the next..but at the same time I want my “professional” video work to be seen by the right people…which leaves me with another question: what do I mean by the “right” people?

Maintaining a “brand” image is such a boring, exhausting pain in the ass. The less I care about that, the happier I tend to be. So why the hell am I fussing about separating my Serious video work from my “bad on purpose” video work? Well, I guess part of me wants my trailer/video editing work to be taken seriously. I’m quite good at it. I’m good enough at it to charge a premium. Posting these dumb anime political videos might be distracting. But I can’t help it; I love making them. I crack myself up working on them. I just love making people laugh with shitty edits and post-modern-everything-is-fake humour. Maybe that’s the answer, that I love doing it and they’re not harming anybody and the only thing harming anybody here is all this overthinking.

Idk. What do you think?

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