Shreyas Prakash: Design, Optimism, Creativity, and Criticism | Penguin Latte Podcast #85

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Shreyas Prakash (@pablomuralo) is a product manager consulting to Noora Health, working to improve at-risk patients and disabled people’s lives with design. He’s the co-creator of Clarity, an app for easy notetaking on YouTube. Previously he led dVerse Labs – designing products to reduce the risk of infections in hospitals – and dHive Labs – designing apps to assist online education. He is also the host of the podcast Shake Up The World, featuring conversations on design, technology, and optimism.

In this episode we discuss the problems Shreyas faces when designing products for vulnerable populations, cooperating with A.I instead of competing with it, bitcoin and the traps of crypto-optimism, the traps of techno-pessimism, building products and software to assist in learning and quality of life, conscious criticism, languages, the nature of creativity, and much more. Please enjoy!

Shreyas on Twitter

Shreyas’ writings and podcasts on design

Check out Clarity on Product Hunt: Shreyas’ Notetaking app for YouTube


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