Write like how you want to write

Continuing my Twitter rant…

If you’re subjugating your art to the whims of some vague thing called an ‘Algorithm’, can you really call yourself an artist?

Everyone loves making fun of the “Artist” type, the pompous, “artsy fartsy” type who reads James Joyce and knows way too much about obscure dead poets.

If that’s you, if you know way too much about obscure dead poets…

Embrace it. Embrace your pomp. Get artsy. Get fartsy. Get artsy fartsy. Use those big words. Write some actual fucking paragraphs instead of those One Sentence Per Line Crafted For Engagement Tweets that we’ve all seen 18 billion times. Write the word Fuck more often than necessary. Spell words wrogn. Capitalize certain words for sarcastic emphasis. Use a lot of fake dialogue. Self-reference.

How to write:

Step 1: Uninstall that Twitter Writing Guide.

Step 2: Forget engagement. Forget Twitter metrics. Forget sacrificing your artistic integrity to satisfy the algorithm like some Cucked 4 Zuck techno-bitch.

Step 3: Buy a book. A book by an author. An author who spends more time writing and researching than checking their Twitter Engagement Metrics and other statistical pornography.

And the most important step:

Don’t write like how the algorithm wants you to write.

Write like how you want to write.

One response to “Write like how you want to write”

  1. Debra says:

    Thank you Paul!! I needed to hear this. Another excellent article from the genius that is you. This one motivates me to continue my writing, and I’m not the artsy fartsy type. I only know one way to write and that’s from my heart and soul.


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