Not to be crossed

Most people hold beliefs about most people that end up being over generalizations about most people.

Even if you and I belong to the same community, there will always be a boatload of differences in opinion and thought distinguishing you from I. Those differences mark borders between us. And the borders aren’t closed, or at least they shouldn’t be. You see things this way, I see things that way. I agree with this, you disagree with that. Your identity and my identity is shaped not only out of what we happen to see eye to eye on, but what we disagree on so fundamentally that we’re willing to punch each other in the throat.

What’s so cool about the human experience is that you and I are absolutely bound to disagree about something. What’s so uncool about the human experience is that these days disagreements about the presidency, vaccines, CRT, pronouns, why End of Evangelion is the greatest anime movie of all time, etc., should be treated as one treats a barbed wire fence: not to be crossed.

P.S here’s my newest Good Video.

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