Here’s a goal.

Is this habit serving me?

Well, what do you mean by “serving me?”

By that I mean helping to create the future I want for myself.

Oh look at you, you’re so selfish, thinking about yourself as always. At it again with this talk of creating your future…” If someone exposes their hidden resentment toward your forward-thinking attitude, please understand this: virtually everyone is thinking about themselves. If someone’s upset because you’re thinking about you, they’re upset because you’re not thinking about them. They want your attention diverted away from you, your future self, family, kids, strivings, accomplishments, etc. Don’t take the bait. It’s never worth it.

Habits that serve to construct your future serve not only you. They serve that future spouse you haven’t yet met. They serve that future family you haven’t yet spawned. When you’re a better person for you, you’re a better person for other people – even people that don’t yet exist.

Here’s a goal: positively influence as many people as you possibly can before you die. No need to become Mother Teresa. Make people laugh. Shitpost if that’s your thing. Make memes. Since time immemorial there’s always been a shortage of laughter on this planet, a shortage of reconciliation of life’s sorrows via laughter in the face of existential horror. See how this is a goal about helping other people? And how can you positively influence other people without first becoming the kind of person that wishes to do so? And if you’re an alcoholic or you masturbate 14 times a day or you spend every waking hour watching pointless garbage on YouTube, how can you possibly fulfill this goal before you die? Impossible. It’s impossible. Therefor…you need to be good for yourself, be good to yourself. Then you can be good to and for other people.

This is a note to self.

One thought on “Here’s a goal.

  1. Love this. We need to light our own candle before we can light others’. And that really requires us to sit down and determine what ‘good’ means to us. Anyway, thanks for this post!


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