Anthony Eichberger: The Hypocrisy of Political Correctness and The Radical Left | Penguin Latte Podcast #88

Anthony Eichberger is a gay, millennial, pagan/polytheist, disabled, rural-born, politically independent writer with a focus on American politics and culture war issues. His Medium articles have been read by thousands of readers on some of the most popular political columns on the platform.

What I love about Anthony is that when we disagree politically it never feels like we’re trying to shove each other’s heads up a donkey’s ass. I hope to have him back on the show many times in the future.

In this episode we discuss gay mayonnaise, the hypocrisy beneath the radical left’s anti-racism ideology as perpetuated by Robin DiAngelo, our disagreements about political correctness, gender equality, cancel culture and Dave Chapelle’s ‘Closer’ Special, whether or not kids should be allowed at pride parades, and much, much more.

Please enjoy!

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Read Anthony’s thoughtful articles pertaining to topics of which we discussed on today’s riveting episode of the pod.

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