The Pursuit of Uncertainty

Go do something that might not work. That’ll get you out of bed in the morning.

It might become uber successful, or it might explode in your face. You might win, or you might lose. You might go broke, or you might make a million bucks. You can imagine all the ways it might not work out, but what if it did? What if it did work out? How happy would you be?

“But it’s so uncertain, there’s so much uncertainty in the world…”

What do you call adventure without uncertainty? A dead-end. A shitty movie. A brick wall. A slog through the mud of a life spent daydreaming of a different life.

Thanks to Covid-19, the word ‘uncertainty’ is now synonymous with “mortal danger.” Talking heads on TV love to talk about how uncertain everything is. But let’s get real: everything’s been uncertain since the dawn of time. The Buddhists have known this forever, reminding us that “nothing is constant except change.”

So go and find something that might not work. Even if it’s something you think is stupid, like starting a YouTube channel or a podcast. There’s no point in waiting around, second-guessing yourself. No point in wandering, roaming around your head wishing for the right moment to begin. The right moment is now.

Experiment. Play around. Test.


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