I love making videos

So much so that after spending 4 hours editing a client project, I spent another hour editing this:

“The universe” handed me a free iPhone 11 and now I can’t stop taking photos and filming shit. I’ve always had this manic desire to record stuff but I just never had a good camera to do so. So now that “The universe” has handed me this free phone with a 4K camera, it’s like I’ve been rekindling this long-lost love of mine. I’ve edited and uploaded more videos this week than I have before. I’ve even become self-conscious of how often I’m uploading. But that’s stupid because who gives a hell?

I love making videos. I’ve dabbled in other creative pursuits – writing, podcasting, building an online course – but I feel most like a child when I’m recording random shit and spending hours on Sony Vegas pro trying to make the edit just right. I love trying to emulate specific styles, specific kinds of videos. Which is why I’ll probably never have a massive YouTube following since the algorithm doesn’t like that. Who cares. I like it. I’ll admit it: I create videos to please my narcissistic desire to experience how other people might experience my narcissistic desire to create videos.

Old internet was all about creating for the hell of it. Creating whatever comes to mind, whatever whacky, ironic ideas one would have on any given day. Could brand deals work with creators like me, creators who can’t stick to one kind of “product?” Unlikely. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against creators making money off affiliations. I’m also not against creators sticking to one style of video. Frankly I’m jealous of creators who can stick to one style. I can’t seem to find a way to do that.

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