Dismissive words

Just as the “so-called left” (or the “online left” as Anna Khachiyan calls it), uses “bigot/sexist/transphobe/racist, etc.” to dismiss the right, the right uses words and acronyms like woke, PC, SJW, and D.I.E (now called D.E.I) to dismiss the left. Make whatever arguments you want against and for either side. Both use certain words as […]

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I made a book

Made, because it’s a collection of some of my best blog posts (according to me) from last year. It’s a compilation, a curation, a selection of deep cuts. There’s just two pages of original writing. The book has pictures you can look at and words you can read. You can buy the book with money […]

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Beau Haan — Notes on Networked Thought, Darkness, Redemption, and Triumph (#57)

Spotify | Apple | Watch on YouTube I want to write the stories that aren’t being written BEAU HAAN Today I’m joined by Beau Haan (@beauhaan). Beau Haan is an actor, model, and hosts a book club using Roam Research. I’d also add storyteller to that list, as Beau’s acting serves as a proxy for […]

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Nothing to do

Bored is either a choice or an attitude. It’s a choice when the restless creator closes her laptop, shuts the blinds, takes out a pen and some paper, and sits quietly in her room until something happens. Bored is an attitude when you announce that you are. When you decide that literature, technology, games, nature, […]

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Positive Psychology: We Are All Happy Robots

I’m studying for a degree in clinical psychology. I once took a course called “The Psychology of Personal Development,” thinking I’d learn about the complicated, painful, difficult and confusing development of one’s identity, personality, and sense of morality coupled with an even more paralyzing sense: an increasing awareness of one’s mortality, of the fact of […]

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