Good at History

Studying history, not just memorizing facts but diving into the oceans of blood left to us by our worst ideas — this is painful. There is no psychic wetsuit that’ll keep you warm enough for your dive into the 20th century and beyond. We trivialize history. Literally: our schools make exams out of history. On […]

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You won’t get 3 years of experience with 3 years of experience

JOB REQUIREMENTS: 3 years of experience I can’t think of anything more arbitrary. Time spent doing a job rarely equals commitment to the job. ‘3 years of settling for mediocre work and low expectations(oh and I’m also Detail Oriented’)Be careful. This might be what you get instead. It’s too easy to slap ‘3 years of […]

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Monica Lim — How does Language shape Culture? Is Online Education a Goldrush? (#59)

As you learn languages, you really open up your depth to empathize with people and find connection with people because you can speak their language. It’s a unique connection. MONICA LIM Spotify | Apple | Watch on YouTube Monica Lim (@monicalimco) teaches English as a second language to professionals in South Korea. She also has […]

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Bridging the Gap

Your political beliefs aren’t a subset of your personality. Like all objects and ideas, the direction you take towards political matters is informed to some degree by your personality.* If you really wanna impress someone at a party, ask for their favorite biographies and hobbies, then guess who they’re voting for in the coming election. […]

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Imagination and Symmetry

This is the most important pill to swallow for anyone doing creative work: It’s impossible for your imagination to be symmetrical with reality. Fighting against this truth leads to a neurotic obsession with writers block. On one extreme, perfect symmetry between imagination and reality is impossible. On the other, absolute asymmetry between what the client […]

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Born Good

No one ever is. There is no “good at writing” gene. Crawling out the womb with tendencies towards certain behaviors? Yes. That’s called personality. Everyone has that. But what about heredity? Both of my brothers jump into burning buildings for a living. I decided to…do whatever the hell this is. Yeah, I could have become […]

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